Jack and Jill Bathroom Plans storms the Toilet Industry

Over centuries of revolution and development in the sanitary and toiletry system has resulted in the most modern and technologically advanced Bathroom plans in the contemporary world to provide human beings with a sense of privacy, leisure and personal hygiene activities. The concept of a bathroom and toiletry go back to as much early as 3000 BC where the use of baths and water as a purifying element for body and soul was considered. In the modern world, many different plans and designs have been established over time that have gained quite a considerable popularity among the common mass and are one of the most popular bathroom vanity designs to be built across foreign borders. Jack and Jill Bathroom Design remains as one of the most popular bathroom plans up to date and the concept is considered to keep on rising due to its simplicity and many purposes.

Jack And Jill Bathroom Plans - 1

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

The jack and Jill Bathroom refers to a bathroom design containing two doors or openings from two different bedrooms. The concept was initially designed to cater the needs of children living in a single house referring to the story of Jack and Jill which resulted in the concept of a bathroom having two doors attached to two different bedrooms instead of building two separate bathrooms. The bathroom might sometimes have two different wash basins too. In order to maintain a set of privacy in this design you need to keep both the doors locked.

The plans become famous:

This plan became quite famous among the common mass especially in the middle class who catered to the needs of their children in such a way so as to build one Jack and Jill bathroom attached to two different child bedrooms. This proved to be quite successful as it saved a lot of space and money in a house construction rather than separately constructing two different attached bathrooms.

Current Status:

Currently, many different plans have been established in the Jack and Jill Bathroom designs in order to cater the rising needs of different people. A single shower room was introduced in the Jack and Jill Bathroom plan rather than a complete bathroom whereas the washbasins were included in the bedroom so as to facilitate both the occupants for the bathroom. Another type of divided bathroom has also been introduced in which the wash basins are kept separate from the toilet and the shower to facilitate both the occupants at the same time.