Japanese Toilets


Talking about the Japanese toilets, you will found more technology and development over there. In general, there are Japanese toilets of two style are very common over there.

• Squat toilet

• Bidet Toilet

Styles of Japanese Toilets:

Squat Toilet:

The first type of toilet is of a very old type. But it is still in the use of public places in recent times. The modern technology of west usually referred as flush toilets became common for the citizens after 2nd World War. Urinals also became common at that time. But the style “Squat” is reckoned as a traditional toilet style of Japanese. They are also well reckoned by the term “Asian Toilet”. Squat Toilet is a kind of horizontal set lied on the floor. Most commonly, the Japanese toilets are manufactured by using Porcelain, but sometimes, like in trains, the toilets are made up of stainless steel.

Japanese Toilets - 1

Bidet Toilets:

Currently, the most used toilets in Japan is the modern and most recent western-type toilets, usually referred as bidet toilets. It was recorded in 2012 March that about 72 percent above bidet toilets are made in use for households in Japan. Such bidet toilets are not much common by their name in Japan, but a term “Washlets” is used in place of their name. The term “Washlets” is a name of a brand of a company named as “Toto Ltd.”

Features of Bidet Toilets:

This style of toilet comprises a bunch of new features which are not so much common in the outer countries of Asia. Following are the features given below for bidet toilets:

• Warming of seat

• Washing od bidet

• Washing of anus

• Deodorization

And surely there will a lot many more to facilitate human kind.


The most commonly used public toilet for a male is referred to as Urinals. Such style of toilets is most commonly used as public toilets. These urinals are placed in such a way that a male can easily make an approach to it in order to urinate.

There is never heard about urinals for females in common talks. However, a company in Japan tried to manufacture urinals for females which didn’t get much fame and popularity in public. The name of this company is Toto. They struggled for it in the era of 1951 to 1968. The urinals for females were shaped in the form of a come which was need to be placed over the floor.