Kitchen cabinet Drawer are more advanced ergonomically designed choices an individual can have to utilize kitchen space and avoid obstruction and accidents due to swing of the kitchen doors. Nowadays open and shut automatic drawers are also available with major home decorator sellers. The aesthetics and appearances look elegant with shut drawers. It gives a kitchen user more pleasant experience to work around. The drawers come with a handle to “Pull”. The “Pull” is basically made up of metal and comes in variety of design, color and shapes. A pull is mounted over the opening face of the drawer with the help of screws (number of screws will depend upon the kind of strength to be provided to the joint) and mechanical force is provided along it to open or close the drawer.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Pulls - 2

Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Design: –

these products come in variety of forms and shapes in the market. They are provided with various designs to make each of them look unique and elegant. Nowadays in the market place pull knobs are also available. Pull knobs are mounted with various texture canvassed cases.


the pulls are of normal size 4-3/4 inches around but sometimes a larger or knob pulls are also used depending upon the requirement for amount of mechanical force and attached

Color: –

they are colored in stainless steel, gold, silver or other metallic colors. The pull can be painted to suite the aesthetics of the Kitchen and Kitchen units.

Material: –

They are usually made up of metal, textured and colored. Occasionally wood or any other kind of material is used.

Market: –

There is well defined market for these products. The product differentiation is done in terms of design, aesthetics, texture to create pull for each of them and bring pricing difference. In the export wholesale market they are dealt just like any other commodity with no differentiation.

Price: –

The prices of these Pull may vary according to design, aesthetic, shape, material and textures.


These products are promoted through push strategy across the marketing channel of home decorator and renovators. Some amount of pull marketing strategy exists due to uniqueness in appearances of these kitchen drawers Pull.

Availability: –

These products exist on both the space i.e. on online marketing place as well as physical retail shops along with large home décor and renovator’s catalogue. They can be purchased by making payment through every existing mode.