Five best cabinet designs for your kitchen

Choosing the layout of your kitchen cabinet is never an easy task this is basically because the entire look of the kitchen depends upon it. Interior designers all over depend on the following styles to bring out that extra zinc into your kitchen framework.

The Essential work triangle by Drury design

This is quite a simple design when it comes to cabinets. The cabinets start from a Corner then spread into an open ended triangle. This is quite the contemporary design and is perfect for small kitchens that tend to only have one corner in place.

Kitchen Cabinets Design Layout - 1

Gallery Design/ corridor design

This is simply a masterpiece by its own right it features cabinet in a tight squeeze corridor setting. The space in between is quite minimal creating a kind of a squeezed look. It’s very essential when it comes to space saving and creates a dynamic yet classic look. For people living in tight spaces this is definitely the style for you.

The L shaped layout

This is one of the most common designs out there. It features all cabinets into the kitchen walls and bottoms in a simple L arrangement. This is quite ideal especially for those who desire a little more privacy in their work station.

Kitchen Cabinets Design Layout - 2

The U shaped design

An all rounded design that is designed in a horse shoe fashion. It creates the perfect shape as all three sides of the kitchen walls are filled with cabinets while a side is left open. This style is quite ideal for those with big kitchens as it will not do so well in a kitchen that is tightly squeezed. It allows for a spreader working station.

The zone design

Perfect for a closed kitchen, it is otherwise known as the square layout. It features cabinets on all walls. Spread out to allow for various kitchen appliances. It’s quite ideal as it creates elusions of crowdedness in a neat yet smooth style. This is definitely the best style for those with large kitchen spaces.


So no matter what size kitchen you have there something for you in the cabinet layout plans.