Kitchen carcasses – Best for storage

Kitchen carcasses are like kitchen cabinets that are used for storing kitchen appliances, food items, cooking items and other equipment’s in the kitchen.

Types of kitchen carcasses

 Base: Base carcasses are the ones that are not fixed to the wall .They can be moved easily. They are flexible and can be laced anywhere in the kitchen. Traditional cabinets were of base type.
 Wall: They are fixed to the wall of the kitchen. Normally all kitchens have these types of carcasses. They cannot be detached easily. One need to decide the place carefully and then place the wall carcasses as once fixed it is difficult to remove it. This will spoil the look of the cabinet and will also spoil the wall behind it.

Kitchen Carcasses - 1

 Specialty units: These are more organized cabinets that ease the task of storing. The sink, cabinets, drawers, handles etc are all very convenient and helps in smooth functionality.

Kitchen carcasses grade:

RTA: These kitchen carcasses are readily available and can be constructed by anyone anywhere. The parts just need to be fixed appropriately. These styles of furniture’s are widely available in the market .However many a times the quality might get affected.

Stock: They are the convened and cheaper options to buy kitchen carcasses. These are available in fixed sizes, styles and shapes and cannot be customer. One can get the best style and design in stock furniture’s.

Kitchen Carcasses - 2


They allow custom changes to the cabinets. They are affordable and very convenient. They provide better construction quality and durability. They are not completely made to order. Some parts are ready and custom changes are added to construct the product as per the request of the client. One can select the design and the manufacture will make it according to the size and shape of the client at a reasonable price.


These are made to order furniture’s. They are made according to the customer demands and designs. Innovative and creative designs can be manufactured using different combinations and a little help from the professional designers at the manufacturer store.

Benefits of kitchen carcasses:

Kitchen carcasses are majorly used for storage purposes. It has all the other features like drawers, shelves, sink, mirror etc. that makes it easy to work in the kitchen. They are designed to ensure smooth and efficient flow of work in the kitchen.