Fan with Light

Sometimes one might have noticed a fan equipped with lightening arrangement in some establishments. These provide uniqueness and contemporary look to establishment. Thus these are found over elegant hotels, palaces and places that have to be provided sophisticated contemporary image.

Pricing: – Pricing is based on the kind of decorative lightening arrangement made. The decorative lightening arrangement gives each product its uniqueness and price differentiation. Thus prices vary because of the lightening arrangement installed over fan.

Market: –

There is little interest among the buyers for these products. As, this arrangement of lightening along with fan is for decorative purpose and offer real functional value. The lightening mounted over fan is used rarely to illuminates the kitchen, instead a supporting and additional lightening required to illuminate the kitchen properly. However, there is rapid advancement in the lightening technology across the world this arrangement finds lagging and inadaptable with the rapid changing scenario. Thus market prospect for this product is limited.

Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights - 1

Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights

Design: –

A fan is mounted with a decorative lightening system. The arrangement is designed and painted to suit the ambience of the kitchen. The major part is the decoration of the lightening system. However, with this arrangement it affects the efficiency of the fan to blow air with the same amount of energy consumed by the fan without lightening arrangement.

Maintenance: –

This arrangement is hard to maintain and clean. It often requires replacement of lightening system when it fails. It has shorter life then traditional fan and requires early replacement over the same amount of usage cycle. . If you really interested in installing these fans at your kitchen space then the physical parameters need to be looked into as the light mounted over fan may cause destructive interference with your kitchen lightening system and effect user experience at the kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights - 2

Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights

Dimensions: –

This system is available with small, medium or large fans. The arrangement is small if the ceiling fan used is 42” or smaller, medium if the ceiling fan used is of 44” to 50” and large for ceiling fan used from 52” to 60”.

Availability: –

These are available with selected home décor suppliers as the market demand is restricted for these products. However, various payment modes are available and usually shipping charges are charged extra. These arrangements sometimes come with warranty from 1-5 years, however the manufacturers sometimes quote different or no warranty period for lightening system.