Helpful guide for selecting the best material for countertops

The material, style and color of the countertops define the look and usability of the kitchen. It is very important to select the appropriate material for the kitchen counter top. Choosing the right material is a difficult task.

Some of the preferred material for kitchen counters tops

o Granite:

Granite has a beautiful, strong and attractive counter tops. Granite gives a unique look due to its natural grain. It is expensive as compared to other similar materials. It is porous and requires yearly sealing. It should be cleaned regularly and stains should be wiped off immediately.

Kitchen Countertop Material - 1

o Wood:

Wood has the quality of durability, warmth and beauty. They are scratch and stain resistant. However one needs to protect the surface of the wood from direct heat. It is very cost effective and easily available.

o Stone:

Stone has the highest durability among all the other materials. It has a good resale value, is strong, attractive and easy on maintenance.

o Glass:

Glass countertops are the most attractive surfaces which gives a stunning visual view. Although it is expensive, it is also very strong, heat resistant and durable.

o Concrete:

It should be the most preferred choice for countertops as they have all the qualities merged in one. It is highly durable, extremely strong, water and eat resistant. It is inexpensive however installing it takes some time and attention.


How to choose the best material


One should consider their budget while deciding on the material for the countertops of their kitchen.


This is the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration as countertops cannot be changed again and again. It is just the matter of one time. Hence the material which provides highest durability should be preferred.

Decor of the house:

One should select the material taking into consideration the decor and fixtures in the kitchen. The material should match the decor and other fixtures.


Identify the use of the kitchen countertops i.e. whether it will be used to place some materials or kitchen appliance or if it would be kept empty. Depending upon its use one can select the most appropriate material for the countertops.

Other materials for counter tops

 Laminate countertops
 Tile countertops
 Eco friendly countertops
 Quartz countertops
 Marble countertops