Creative ways to paint your kitchen countertops

One can transform the way their kitchen counter looks by just giving them a coat of nice creative paint. One can give them the look of granite, wood, stainless steel etc. by using paint. If the existing kitchen countertops are in good condition but just need a little makeover one can do this through paint. Painting the countertops can prove to be a profitable investment whose benefits can be tasted for many years.

Kitchen Countertop Paint - 1

Materials needed to paint

o Sponge
o Paintbrush
o Finish roller
o Paint tray
o Dusk mask
o Cleaner
o Fillers
o Paint

Steps to uniquely paint the kitchen countertops by yourself

1. Clean:

One should make the surface clean with some water. Fill cracks or holes if any with fillers that are available for the purpose.

2. Coating:

Second step in painting the countertops is coating. Use black primer to give a coating to the surface.

3. Dab and blot:

Let the coat dry properly. Once dried dab the mineral colors with a sponge. One can make creative patterns using their imagination.

4. Top coat:

Once this is dried apply the topcoat. Let it dry properly for at least 2 weeks before putting it to use.

Painting the kitchen counter tops is the cheapest way to give them a different and attractive look.
Give a unique look to the countertops using the following tips

• To give the kitchen counter tops granite look paint the with a granite finish.
• To give them a look of stainless steel paint them with a shiny, satin finish paint

Follow the below steps

1. Prepare the surface that needs to be painted
2. Apply the base coat
3. Add faux marble or granite effect finish
4. Apply finishing coating
5. Apply Varnish topcoat

Benefits of painting the kitchen countertops

 It adds value and give a unique look to the fixture
 It is less expensive option to uplift the kitchen
 One can do it by themselves too and give their own personal touch to it.
 It is quick and affordable way to keep them clean and maintained.
 It creates a good impact on the viewers.