Kitchen countertop is one of the key components in any kitchen. They are used for variety of different purposes including food preparation, placing utensils etc. It is one of the most used components of the kitchen as well. Most of the countertops are usually made up of granite. But now as the time is changing, many different materials are available in the market. We have a huge variety of countertops made up of different materials in the market. I will tell you about few of the popular materials.

Plastic Laminate:

It is one of the most economical materials available in the market. It is easy to clean and no special maintenance is required. It is available in many different designs and colors. It is not durable at all. It doesn’t stay long.


Soapstone is a decent choice when it comes to countertops. It is sleek and stylish. It grabs the attention at the very first look. It is strong as well and is not affected by acids or basis. It is heat and scratch resistant. It requires special maintenance on regular basis and it is not that much heat resistant. It is available in different price ranges.


Concrete is the top choice of many people as it is durable and heat resistant. It doesn’t require too much maintenance. It is not expensive, but installation can be a bit costly.

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Countertops made of wood are also becoming popular day by day. They add a feeling of warmth. Price may be different for different qualities of wood. Special protection is required for them. It should be protected from water and other acids or basis. It must be kept clean all the time.

Ceramic tile:

It is one of the best materials. It is perfect from all angles, it looks stylish, it is inexpensive, it is easy to clan and doesn’t require heavy maintenance. One minor problem with it is that it can crack easily, so care should be taken.


Countertops made up of glass add style, glamour and beauty to your kitchen. They are a bit expensive. They are durable and needs special care.

Many other materials are available. The opportunities are endless.