How to paint kitchen cupboard doors

After every few years your home needs renovation, this includes your kitchen. You can paint walls of your houses but that is not enough. Changing kitchen appliances and furniture would not be a wise decision. So what else can you do? The answer is you can paint the cupboard doors along with the kitchen walls. The color that has to done on the doors should match with the kitchen interiors and it should not look dull. But you can’t simply paint the cupboard door, you have to unscrew the door, take it to an isolated place and then paint it.

Kitchen Cupboard Door Paint - 1

Choosing the right paint:

Choosing the right color is very important, right color will energies the kitchen. If you are not handy with the brush, then glossy paint is not an option. For less skilled people eggshell is a better option.

Decide whether doors need the removal:

You can paint the doors after removing them or you can paint them in situ. The choice is yours, but you need to remove the knobs and handles though. If you don’t remove the doors, you reduce the risk of rehanging them wrongly.

Cleaning and adding fillers:

Clean the doors properly with a wet cloth to remove any dust present on the doors. Use sandpaper to rub down the painted part of the doors and add filler materials to the required area to make the surface smooth. The filler material not only smooths the surface of the doors but also reduces the amount of paint required for the job.

Painting the doors:

Before you start painting the cupboard doors, stir the paint thoroughly to give it good consistency. If the cupboard doors have glass, then you need to be very careful during the procedure. Now use an undercoat primer before you start painting the door and leave it for some time to let it dry. Now give the door more than one layer of paint.

Attach the knobs and handles:

Attach the knobs and handles to the doors, depending on the color on the doors and condition of the knobs and handles, you can decide whether new knobs and handles are required.