Open-plan kitchen: The new concept

A properly planned enlargement will change a confined kitchen into an enticing space for dining, entertainment and living.

A most-wanted in the upcoming properties and one of the most important refurbishing projects in age homes, the thoughtful open kitchen concept is now the focus for modern living. There are so many ways in which you can make your space look bigger, from joining adjacent room or adding a glasshouse to building an extensively new room or creating a basement. It is no secret that these changes and development requires both, time and money, but once it’s done, you’re never going to regret it!

Kitchen Extensions - 1

Steps to getting a kitchen extension:

Hiring a professional
• Getting a professional by recommendation is the best way to hire one! You can ask your friends and family members, relatives whose projects you’ve really liked! Few people may give you the number of the professionals who’ve done an inferior work.
• Look out for the signage and boards that the architects and the builders put up outside their works. If they impress you, it is worth approaching the holder of the place to see if they’re satisfied and happy with their work!

Kitchen Extensions - 2

Looking for professional online

• You can also search online. Most of the industries have a competent body or internet-based collective which lists the members of their association along with their contact details on the internet. For example, if you’re looking for an architect, you can type, “”, for an architect designer, and search structural engineers at etc.

Create schemes and norms for your kitchen

• You must ask your kitchen designer to make concepts and create schemes for the extensions and renovations for your kitchen. Make sure the things and the planning is done according to your comfort. Set meetings with them, know the budget. You must also trust your designer to make you watchful of the bad eggs in your shortlisted contenders.

Kitchen extension can also mean having a beautiful garden attached to your kitchen and bring the outside refreshing and cool feel inside. 