Kitchen Tops

Kitchen granite tops uses Granite, a 100% naturally recurring stone in the earth crust, which is cut (quarried), honed, polished and sealed to give an excellent smooth finish at the top and user appeal. Granite tiles and tops are deployed across the house from kitchen to the bathroom. Each Granite top has unique structure, texture and color. The granite is heat resistant, bad conductor of electricity and fire proof, thus finds its application in kitchen segment over tops, sinks and tiles. If maintained regularly, it has long life and free from corrosion and weathering. The other choices apart from granite are marble tops, quartz tops, acrylic tops. As customers want their kitchen to look more elegant & rich as often a visiting place for visitors, granite tops are more economic and feasible choice to adopt with.

Kitchen Granite Worktops - 1

Kitchen Granite Worktops


the kitchen tops general standard is 34-36” high and the standard counter depth of 24”. These dimensions may vary on each household requirements i.e. frequent user heights, appliance parameter and dimensions and setup of black splash and type of carpentry done. The gap between upper shelf and top is generally between 15 to 20 inches. Usually a U-shaped kitchen tops are deployed in order to maximize circulation space and work flow efficiency.

Design: –

the designs of granite kitchen tops are done by keeping work space optimized and ergonomics in mind. The space between flammable items and cooking apparatus is kept maximum with other appliances like refrigerator, microwave, oven to prevent occurrence of accident.

Kitchen Granite Worktops - 2

Kitchen Granite Worktops

Pricing: –

A granite top price varies with the prices of oil as most of the granite is shipped from India or Thailand. Each granite is unique and when has to setup a granite top he has to seriously consider his implication over aesthetics as one part may not aesthetically sync with others as each granite is separate. Sometimes one may need to replace the entire setup all together new.


granite tops before installing are checked stringently for defects as the material is free from bacterial and fungal contamination it is the idle choice.


The granite kitchen tops are available with all most all the firms involved in home decoration and renovation. The market is large and still growing at double digit growth. It’s an international commodity and across the globe opportunity exists. However, one may have a cheaper option to install quartz in place of granite, but has not been a successful replacement of the same.