Lighting ideas for the Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is becoming one of the common trends in recent times. Not only does it provide more desk space but also allows you to do things like watching TV or talking to people sitting at the dining table while chopping up your veggies. It also gives you more storage space as well and also gives your kitchen a more modern look. Having a good lighting not only makes the kitchen look more elegant but also gives you good visibility while cooking or chopping something. Here are a few different styles of lighting that can be used over your kitchen island to provide you the perfect finish.

Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures - 5

Recessed Can Lighting

Recessed can lighting refers to the type of lighting where the bulb is fitted into the ceiling the ceiling looks smooth when viewed from below. These kind of lighting fixtures are perfect with houses with fall ceiling as it would provide enough lighting and also not decrease the available vertical clearance. Also eliminates the possibility of the bulbs breaking due to collision with your hands etc if you are tall. The bulbs can be replaced with LEDs which allows us to use different colored lights in the kitchen.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is slightly less common in kitchens but it can be very useful in highlighting various aspects of a kitchen. It goes perfectly with interiors have a stained wooden finish and gives the room a theatrical effect. Dimmers added to this kind of set up would give it a different level of excellence.

Fluorescent Lighting

This is probably the most commonly used and the safest choice as this matches almost any design and is quite bright and easy to maintain. These are also an economic choice if you want to use only a few wiring changes in your new kitchen as in other cases you would need to rewire the entire kitchen to fit in the lighting elements.

Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps would be perfect for focus the lighting on just the island but this would mean that extra lighting elements would be required to light the rest of the kitchen. The advantage of having hanging lamps is that you get to choose from an almost infinite range of designs and create the desired effect.