Breakfast bar adjoining the kitchen island

How can you combine a breakfast bar with the kitchen island? A 12” to 16 “ counter top overtop that not just gives ample room for the feet and legs, but also adequate room for the place settings and meals.

Kitchen Island + Breakfast Bar

When a kitchen island along with a breakfast bar not only gives a roomy place to grab a quick meal or catch up on the news, it also do the multi tasking as an additional counter top space for the homework or the prep work.

Height of the breakfast bar and kitchen island counter

Breakfast bar is mostly the same height of the island counter, or it can be raised a few inches to block the view of cluttered kitchen, like unpleasant dishes in the sink, appliances etc.

You must only make sure that the breakfast bar, or any breakfast seating for that matter does not affect the traffic patterns or disturbs the work triangle flow. The thumb rule is to provide a minimum of 24” (or as much as 30” depending on the space) size of elbow room per diner.

Ideal space for informal and casual dining

No doubt a formal dining area is an alluring space to entertain guests at the time of special occasions, but when you consider the kitchen layouts, you must keep in mind that having an additional breakfast bar at your kitchen island will help you create a dining space for daily use.

Functional and beautiful design options of Kitchen Island + breakfast bar

Traditional Center Island is the choice of most of the home owners with large kitchen space seeking an extra breakfast bar. This island allows for a few pub-style seats and stools to be kept at the bar, while the remaining island is used as a cook-top or a food prep area. Some people also co-opt to clear away half of the wall which encloses the kitchen and turn the rest into a breakfast bar area. Just like the traditional center kitchen island, this design also gives space for dining space and keeping stools and it also provides a casual space for chatting and talking.