Kitchen Island – Heart Of The Kitchen

Kitchen island is a major piece in many kitchens, as it is in the center of it and have many appliances on or attached to it. The presence of a kitchen island gives the kitchen a great look, and it is very practical as well. Having your appliances in the center of your kitchen makes it easier for you to move around. You can use it as a cabinet only for storage purposes, a table for dining or as an original piece with built-in appliances attached to it like a cook or an oven.

Kitchen Island - 4

Stand Alone Kitchen Island

When you have a kitchen island, it is necessary to know how you are going to use it. One of the uses of it is to act as a centerpiece for decorative purpose. In this case, it has a vase of roses or an antique statue on top of it. It might also have some drawers or shelves for decorative purposes, in this case; it will look amazing in a spacious kitchen. Just keep it tidy and clean in order not to lose its look, ask your partner and kids not to mess with it as it will ruin the purpose of it being there.

Multi Purpose Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island - 2

When your kitchen is a little bit smaller than usual, a multi-purpose kitchen island rises to the rescue. You can use it as a table, storage cabinet and food processing unit. You can save the space that a regular cook may be used by adding a built-in cook to your kitchen island. There is also a storage solution, as you can add many drawers and shelves to the kitchen island to help you store whatever you need. For a greater utilization, you can add some chairs around the kitchen island and use it as a dining table.

Best Use

It all depends on you and how you look at it, you are the master of your kitchen. You can have a kitchen island for decorative purposes, or you can simply have it in a more practical and multi-purpose way; the best use of it can only be determined by you.