Save with LED Lights in the kitchen

Proper lighting in the kitchen is very important. Kitchen can be used for many purposes other than cooking. There are varied options for lighting available at different prices and designs. Improper lighting will pressurize and strain the eyes. It also causes tiredness and headaches. One is able to see clearly where there is proper lighting and avoid any injuries or mishaps in the kitchen. LED lighting is the latest trend in lighting. They are very flexible and stylish.

Kitchen Led Lighting - 2

Types of LED Lights

• Puck lights:

Puck lights come in varied shapes. They do not need any wiring or plugs as these are battery operated lights having LED bulbs. They are best suitable in the kitchen and for cabinet underside.

• LED strips:

This is a new technology. They are similar to fluorescent trips but LED lights have a longer life and are safer than the later. Although they are expensive but these are the most desired option.

• LED Rope:

They are very thin and easy to install. They do not give out much light though but can be used to compliment with other lights in the kitchen.

Benefits of LED lighting

1. They are a great option for lighting over the shelves or inside the cabinets.
2. They are energy saving and saves a lot of electricity.
3. LED lights are long lasting and can last up to 20 years
4. LED lights can lit the glass shelves from below giving a beautiful and an attractive effect.
5. LED lights stay cool so one does not feel the heat when working below it.
6. They are cooler, lighter and less cheap than the CFL lights.
7. LED lights are brighter and cost effective.
8. It instantly gets on and off. No warm up time is required.

How to choose LED lights

 LED lights come in different shapes like classic globe, mini globe, candle and spotlight. One can select the desired shape considering the fitting in mind.
 One can select the light color of the LED according to their preference and use.
 Light output is measured in watts. LED light uses lesser watts to give the same light output. One can select the right LED light according to the light output one requires.
 The bases of the LED lights are not interchangeable. Hence it should be smartly selected.