Kitchen Lighting And Its Importance

It is common that most people spend thousands of dollars in remodelling their kitchens, but often do not pay attention to kitchen lighting, which happens to play a pivotal role in the appearance of the kitchen. The use of proper and strategic lighting can help in making your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. It is a fact that the lighting design of the kitchen can make the decor of the area a hit or a flop. No matter how expensive the fixtures you install or how beautiful faucets you set up, if the lighting is wrong, everything will look ordinary. If you have hired an interior designer, then you must ask them about the strategic positioning of light, which will help your kitchen in look much better.

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The first thing is to divide the kitchen into a working area and a seating area, and this would be the guideline by means of which you should place your lights. No points for guessing that the working area should be the one which is properly illuminated as it will help in performing different culinary jobs. The seating or the dining on the other and must be dim lit, to provide with a nice and soft look to that area. Dim does not mean dark, so the kitchen lighting should be a little mellowed down but in a way which looks aesthetic and classy or eating food in the dark would not be an enjoyable experience.

Use Natural Light

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Try to make the best use of natural sunlight during the day to light up the kitchen space. This type of kitchen lighting will help you in saving some money on the electricity bills.

Placement Of Lights

The placement of kitchen lighting plays a pivotal role. The use of ceiling lights, will give maximum efficiency, one can also use pendant lights near the cabinets, to light them up so that the guests can admire your fine tastes in kitchen furniture; hanging lamps are fast gaining popularity as they provide with a more textural light effect. If you want to glam up the space, you can place a nice chandelier over the dining area, to amp up the glam quotient.