How To Plan Kitchen Pantry Storage

In the olden days when most people had large homes, the pantry would occupy a separate room. At that time it was necessary as well as most supplies had to be gotten from before and stocked up. As shops and stores were not close by and market places did not operate daily, the necessity of large pantry or storage areas with kitchens was a necessity. The same is no longer true today. With the increased conveniences of modern lives kitchen pantry storage has also changed in form and style.

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From Rooms To Cabinets

From stand alone rooms for pantry space, nowadays kitchen pantry storage is confined to certain ambient spaces. The modular kitchen units usually comprise of drawers, shelves and closed cabinets of different forms. These act as storage area for the kitchen equipments as well as food items. Hence, in most compact apartments and homes, the pantry space is combined with the kitchen space and so separate pantry area is found.

Modern Pantry Storage Spaces

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For large families, there is required to stock up on excess raw materials like grains, flour, spices, snack items and others. These items usually need a dry space that is away from the heat and moisture generated in a kitchen. For that reason, many modular units have separate kitchen pantry storage space assigned for storage of different food items. The pantry storage area is usually segregated from the main cooking area where open shelves and drawers are built to allow easy access to common cooking ingredients, utensils and other tools.

Get Diverse Pantry Design Areas

If you are planning a new kitchen space, it would be wise to keep an area apart as kitchen pantry storage. There are many designer portals and forums where one can look up design of pantry spaces that integrate with a modular kitchen. For an old fashioned kitchen with separate room space available, a separate pantry area could also be recreated with inbuilt cabinets and storage units. These ideas can be found online and one can seek a kitchen designer’s services to get the same executed.