The Most Original Options for Designing Your Kitchen Shelving

Designing your kitchen storage is an essential step, whether you are planning a new kitchen or remodeling your old kitchen space. When going for open kitchen shelving, some very innovative and original ideas are at your disposal to convert a boring, monotonous space into a lively one.

Kitchen Shelving - 1

Most cottage style kitchens tend to go for open shelving, and that conveys a very cozy and comfortable look to the kitchen. Kitchen shelving can serve not just as a storage space in the cottage style kitchen, but can also act as an area for kitchen décor. The space could greatly enhance the kitchen space by making use of classical decorative art pieces, crockery and cutlery.

In some kitchens which communicate a casual, modern look, floating kitchen shelving can be used by mixing and matching different materials for shelves, including wood, stainless steel or wrought iron. Even when it comes to wood, the different grains and finishes available in wooden kitchen shelving provide an almost limitless number of options to choose from.

Sometimes, kitchen shelving can be dressed in bold or subtle hues of paint. The background of kitchen shelves can be socked up in bold paint color or wall paper, according to the design and finish of the kitchen. Depending on the design theme, the kitchen shelving can take up a dressed look either through the use of bold or subtle color.

In many kitchens, open kitchen shelving can be a great way of making the best use of space that is not consumed by regular cabinetry. Places in the kitchen that are left unused even after installing the cabinetry can be utilized by designing open shelves in that particular area. Typically, kitchen shelving can serve as a functional storage in the corners, under kitchen counters or over the cabinetry. This kind of kitchen shelving is generally not at eye level and can be used as areas to decorate the kitchen or just make use of additional space for kitchen items.

Unlikely as it might seem, but kitchen shelving can also add a luxurious look to the kitchen. Bold finished kitchen shelving or hanging kitchen shelving can be used as a great space to organize classy pieces of decorative tableware or brighten up a corner with decorative lighting. Irrespective of the style and approach used for kitchen shelving, the kitchen gets a remarkably spectacular look, while also preserving practicality.