The faucet is the most used part of your kitchen. The major purpose of a kitchen sink faucet is to dispense water mainly for cooking, washing dishes, hands and food. Apart from these it is a key component in defining the style of your kitchen.

Time is changing and we have a whole new variety of faucets available in the markets. Many designs and styles are available. You must choose a design according to the design of your sink in order to make a best combination. It will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. I will tell you about few of the popular faucets designs.

Kitchen Sink Faucets - 1

Sink Mounted Faucets:

Faucets come in many holes varieties. Most of latest faucets come in one, two, three or four holes variety. So if you are working with existing sink then make sure that you check the mounting holes in it. If you are replacing it with a new one that requires lesser holes then go for the faucet with a deck plate. This style is a great option if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and want to reuse the existing components. This will also limit you styling option.

Deck Mounted Faucets:

This gives you an option of installing the faucet directly on the countertop. They provide a beautiful look and add a bit more attraction. They occupy a bit more space.


Wall Mounted Faucets:

You must ensure that it will work correctly with your sink. It has some compatibility issues especially with double sink. It is easy to clean up. It can be cleaned in the blink of an eye. It won’t work well in cold climates. Placing and location should be exactly right.

Double Handled Faucets:

It requires at least three holes for installation. It is more customizable. You can adjust water temperature and pressure according to your requirement. You can change styles easily whenever you want. They are traditional.

There are many other styles available in the market as well. Keep your budget and other considerations in mind before buying a specific faucet.