Kitchen Sinks And Taps

Kitchen sinks and taps

Sinks, also referred to as sink, are offered in a variety of materials and they can have very different forms. There are sinks with one or two containers. Sinks are manufactured mostly round or angular. They are placed in the worktop, usually directly from above. They are specifically designed to be installed from below a granite counter.

Today, it is technically possible to have a fully integrated sink, meaning the sink and countertop seamlessly fit into one another. This has the advantage that it minimizes wastage of water and prevents unnecessary splashing that could turn out to be bothersome. If you have opted for a stainless steel counter, the sink can be inserted there.

Material selection

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The conventional materials for the manufacture of sinks are stainless steel or ceramic. But today, modern composites offer many more possibilities. Using a casting process, some are made by polymerization. There are pore-free and robust sinks that are resistant to impact, heat and all acids and alkalis used in the household. Such sinks are offered under different trade marks or trade names: SILACRON, SILGRANIT, ASTERITE, BELQUARZ, FRAGRANIT, CRISTA LITE and SILQUARZ are several brand names for sinks from an acrylic / granite connection. All of these composites share a tremendous flexibility and pleasant surface properties.

The sink as multipurpose center

The dishwasher technology has somehow made the sinks to lose popularity, because there are few things that may need to be hand washed. But the latest generations of sinks are distinguished by using multiple applications: multifunctional sink provides extra work and preparation areas. Here you can not only prepare vegetables but also clean almost all the preparations necessary for the meal. Some sinks come with additional components like the salad spinner. This makes it an active center of the kitchen work.
Kitchen Sinks And Taps

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Kitchen taps

Kitchen taps are available in several versions and now often come in special design versions too. You can choose from polished chrome or matte chrome taps, a real stainless steel faucet or brass. There are many that are made of mineral materials precisely tailored to your sink, to be included in the design.

Sparkling water directly from the kitchen tap

An invention, which fits well with our modern sense of life and the era of ‘convenience’, is the so-called soda or sparkling water taps. These kitchen taps deliver daily fresh mineral water straight from your tap. These systems can be easily connected to the existing potable water supply, and provided with the water with the aid of a carbonator to taste with more or less carbon dioxide. It thus creates a sparkling water that can let you save money in the long term. We hope that our review of kitchen sinks and taps has been useful to you.