Way to Organize your Kitchen


Kitchen Pantry is an organized work place where ingredients, tools and appliances are kept in order to locate them at ease and kitchen to look much cleaner and elegant. It is easy to maintain and clean kitchens where a proper pantry is in place. It localizes all necessary accessories at one particular location and in single view to locate and collect them.

Design: –

Designing a pantry involves an ardent skill which is required in designing modern day tool box. Where techniques like group layout and clustering finds its application. There exists a wide variety of pantry in the market where a customer can chose based on his kitchen requirements and setup deployed. The design has to be such that it puts all the necessary kitchen supply on the instant view of the user. Such shelving units are to be used which are most often used and easy to attach baskets to organize smaller items. They have to such dimensions and setup at such distance that the user can reach with ease and doesn’t affect its kitchen performance. Sometimes pantries have extended space for appliances like refrigerator or TV in the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Pantry - 1

Kitchen Storage Pantry

Material: –

Pantry is made up of wood, metals, synthetic materials such as PVC and hardened fiber. They are sometimes installed against the wall or spaces below the kitchen tops. The material selected has to be bad conductor of heat and electricity in order to human injury during accidents in kitchen.

Pricing: –

The pricing of pantry may vary on the basis of material, design and size. To possess a greener house they are often made with wood. Nowadays, metallic pantries are also available in markets which are assembled at home by the

Kitchen Storage Pantry - 2

Kitchen Storage Pantry

customers itself. The cost of installing a pantry may require some amount of renovation which adds budget to home owner. The cheaper option begins from few dollars to about 100 US Dollars. It’s a tight market with large number of market players present in this segment.


every major large retailer has been selling kitchen pantries in the market; one may find them in the nearest shopping mall, home décor shops to large retail giants. Also, the payment options are also wide. On the internet front a lot more software are available to design one’s own pantry depending upon his kitchen and working style. One can also visit the websites of largest retailer and online sellers to view the range of pantries available.