Ideas for efficient storage in the kitchen

The task of storing kitchen utensils was never an easy one. With the endless flow of cans and boxes in and out of the kitchen, having an organized storage system becomes a necessity. This not only makes the kitchen easy to use but also helps in maintaining the visual appeal of the room. This kind of clutter free arrangement provides you with more desk space to work with and also decreases the amount of dust that is accumulated on your utensils. A smartly designed cabinet can be used to showcase your cutlery as well. Here are a few ideas which may come in handy for your kitchen:

Kitchen Storage Racks - 1

Pull out pantry

Deep cabinets can be designed to have layered racks which slide out to provide you with extra space for storing your supplies. This kind of a solution is useful for kitchens which cannot accommodate a separate pantry.

Corner Desks

Corner desks can be smartly designed to slide diagonally into the corner providing a large storage space for your products. Another alternative to this is to use specially hinged doors which provide access to the deeper corners.

Basket Storage

Baskets are a really smart way for storing various kitchen products right from cutlery to vegetables to cans. Almost anything that fits is here can be stored in it. They are portable, hence can be moved around with relative ease. When empty these baskets can be stacked into a pile and don’t consume too much of your cupboard space

Plate Racks

Plate racks are relatively simpler to design and they provide easy access to your plates. Open racks can be used to showcase the plates with beautiful designs on them. Drawers with perforated bottoms can be fitted with spokes to accommodate plates of different sizes

See through Cabinets

This is another way for you to showcase your cutlery at the same time keep track of where everything in your kitchen is.

Wine storing islands

The kitchen island can be used for wine storage. Not only does this make the wine easily accessible but you can also openly show off your wine collection every time someone looks at it.

Rolling cart cabinet

Add a set of castors to one of your cabinets and turn it into a mini cart. This can be used to provide extra desk space and can also be used as a trolley and dragged into rooms to serve food.