How to Choose a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

The main purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the walls from spills and splatters. However, in the recent year’s kitchen backsplashes have turned into making a huge design statement for your kitchen.

With all the modern and old houses desiring to display an attractive kitchen tile backsplash, abundance of tile options are available for them. Kitchen tile backsplashes can be much more elaborate as well as elegant at the same time, without being too over the top. If you are planning to spruce up your kitchen backsplash, follow the below mentioned guides to make a wise decision.

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes - 1

Personal Style

Your choice and style can be different from the others. You might have seen a beautiful backsplash, but that does not mean you’ll like the same design in your kitchen as well. With so many options available, the first thing you need to understand is your personal style. You can choose from a transitional, traditional, modern, or a combination of these to choose a perfect design for you. Knowing what you really want will save you from the confusion that the options might put you in.

Floor and Countertop

The floor, countertop and your countertop, should all work in accordance to deliver a beautiful looking kitchen. Yes, you can try to create a unique looking backsplash, but do not just go way over the top and choose a completely different tile design. This can sometimes make your kitchen look very awkward.

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes - 3

Mix and Match

You can add interesting combinations with your tile to create an attractive, yet functional backsplash. For instance, you can combine glass tile with stone mosaics, cement tiles, or you can even choose different size of same tiles to get a unique variety in your design.

Waterjet Tiles

The modern technologies have resulted in a wide variety of waterjet tiles. They are made with the help of machines that use a very high-pressure jet of water to cut the tiles, and transform them into attractive designs. Even though they are expensive, you can use small parts of these tiles in your tile backsplash is sure to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen tile backsplash.