Tiles and backsplash ideas for your kitchen

The visual beauty of the kitchen is just as important as its functional simplicity. The kitchen’s look is basically decided by the choice of flooring, cabinet design, the floor plan and tiles used. The kitchen’s most colorful elements are generally the tiles and declaim used for the cabinets. The choice of deciding between a uniform coloration throughout the room or a contrasting set of colors and designs depend completely on your taste. Here are a few ideas that might be helpful in giving you inspiration for designing your own kitchen:

Kitchen Tile Designs - 2

Ideas for light colored cabinets:

If your kitchen is filled with light colored cabinets, then it is better to go with a similar color for the tiles used for flooring and backsplash. This gives the kitchen a uniform look. But if you have a wooden flooring or any dark colored flooring or a dark countertop color, going for bright flashy colors like turquoise, magenta, etc. for the backsplash will create a nice contrasting effect.

Black and White

This is one of the most commonly found patterns with either color being used for both the wall and cabinetry in an alternate fashion. The designs can either be in a uniform checkered fashion or an abstract pattern with either color forming the background. Small checkered tiles are commonly used for the backsplashes whereas larger square or rectangular tiles are used for the flooring. This kind of a pattern works with both marble (white) and granite (black) countertop and creates an interesting pattern.

Patterned design for the backsplashes

Rather than going for a simple monotonic design for your backsplashes, you can opt for a mixture of colors for them. The usage of subway tiles to create intricate designs has been observed in lots of modern kitchens. Commonly found color combinations are lemon yellow with white, multiple shades of grey in either a checkered or a dotted pattern and different patterns in dark blue.

Over the top designs

These designs create flashy focal points in the kitchen are generally used right above the stove or the sink. The designs include usage of tiles consisting of an embossed pattern in a shiny metallic color to create a 3D design. Another idea is to cover the wall with a pebble like arrangement bringing the effect of the outdoors inside.