Follow these Great Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

Fashion keeps evolving every day. What was “in” yesterday is no longer in style tomorrow. In such a fast paced and fast changing world, it is hard to keep abreast of all the latest trends and styles happening everywhere. The same holds true for kitchen designs. Every year brings with it some new trends and designs that are considered in fashion and are recommended by kitchen designers.

This article will take a look at some of the hottest kitchen trends that are popular right now:

  • Green is in – No we are not talking about the color green (that would be just gross) we are talking about being environment friendly and using renewable and recycled material in the kitchen. Now kitchen countertops are available in such materials that are formaldehyde free and perfectly safe for the environment. They are made from bamboo and are both green and stylish.
  • Wash up wisely – Everyone knows dishwashers use up a lot of water and electricity. Latest dishwashers coming in the market have addresses this very problem. They are more efficient and use up less water and electricity. They are equipped with great sensors that can adjust the drying time depending on the level of moisture present in the drum.
  • Gray it up – Gray is now being considered the new white with many kitchen design gurus claiming that coloring your cabinets in gray adds a classy touch, yet keeping it simple and elegant.Kitchen Trends - 1
  • Splash of color at the sink – In an otherwise bland kitchen, what better way to add a splash of color than to paint your sink with a bright red, yellow or even green.
  • Oversized fixtures – If you want to draw attention to your kitchen but don’t want to use bold colors, try installing some big, oversized lamps. They are great at drawing attention and are perfect for kitchens with a low ceiling.
  • Intelligent storage – There are so many kitchen design companies that are coming up with smarter and more innovate kitchen cabinet designs that allow you to maximize your storage options and make reaching even those difficult corners with ease.
  • Automated and hi-tech – Add a bit of technology to your kitchen with handleless drawers and cabinets, motion sensing garbage bins and faucets, sensor activated lights and so on. There are few designs that also let your smart phone know when you dinner is ready in the oven.

Follow these trends right away if you are in the mood for renovating!