Kitchen Trolleys make Life Easy

Kitchen Trolleys

With kitchens becoming more and more functional with each passing day, there is an increasing need for a kitchen design that allows immediate and convenient access to all places and things. Enter kitchen trolleys; the perfect solution for all your kitchen organizing and storage troubles.

Kitchen trolleys are being used far more now for storing kitchen utensils, tools, gadgets and many other things. Having a kitchen trolley means that you can now access things kept at the back of a shelf with equal ease and convenience. Also heavier equipment can be placed in any nook or corner and can be easily pulled up, down or out as per convenience. Following are the different types of kitchen trolleys that one can install in their kitchen:

Kitchen Trolleys - 1

    • Stainless steel trolleys – This is the most durable of all materials and also gives a sleek shiny look to the kitchen. You can either have an entire kitchen trolley made out of steel or just have the inner shelves that are made of steel. Another advantage of having stainless steel kitchen trolleys is that they are quite inexpensive and good quality steel does not stain so it stays in good shape for years.
    • Pine wood trolleys – Pine wood is a relatively softer type of wood. It is also inexpensive, just like steel, and very durable. So once you design your kitchen trolley out of pine wood you never have to think about it for a long time. You can add a variation by having a ceramic or granite or tiled top to match your kitchen design.
    • Modular kitchen trolleys – You can install kitchen trolleys for all your cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. By doing this you no longer have to bend to stretch to retrieve kitchen items stored at the back of any shelf. Just one pull up or pull down and you have access to whatever it is that you need from that particular drawer.

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  • Kitchen trolleys for corners – Corners are the toughest place for any kitchen designing. But corner trolleys make it so easy. There are so many designs you can choose from. But Lazy Susans are the best way to tackle tough kitchen corners. If you don’t want to install Lazy Susan design you could also have L-shaped pull out trolleys that allow you to access the corner areas very well.

All of the above kitchen trolley designs work equally efficiently in any kitchen. You just need to pick and design one according to your kitchen style and dimensions.