The best kitchen wall colors with dark granite

Dark granite adds instant sophistication to the kitchen or bathroom. However, if you do not want gray or black as the only color for decorating the space, you can use multiple bold hues to complement the granite and add a modern flair to the decor. You can also use soft and subdued colors that best agree with your decorative sensibilities. Below are some of the choicest kitchen wall colors for the trendy kitchens:

Chili Pepper Red

This may sound or look shocking; however, red is one of the most ideal kitchen wall colors. It can be best used where the counters are made of black marble. Red and black are a classic color combination and the space will provide a mix of modern flair, inventiveness and Roman-inspired decorative style. Paint the wall area between black granite countertops and black cabinets using chili pepper red to add a striking dash of color, or use chili red accent wall to provide exactly the right amount of heat used in the part of your home to entertain family and friends. Red stimulates the appetite and will prepare your loved ones for all the delicious meals to remember.

Kitchen Wall Colors

Kitchen Wall Colors - 5

Muted, unassuming colors are a delicate addition to a kitchen with a dark gray countertop. Near-pastel shades such as pistachio green are visually attractive addition to the rich gray colors and will pair well with flecks of white and light gray granite. Pistachio green is also light enough to paint on all the walls in the bathroom, and because green is a “cool” color, it has a receding effect, particularly in small rooms, and the bathroom may seem slightly wider.

Terre Verte

Verte de terre is a delicate mix of gray and green, and will give the kitchen a monochrome feeling, as the color of the gray and white spots in dark granite will showcase. This light color is refined and can be used to paint the entire kitchen. It is also the ideal choice for kitchen wall colors with a black and white theme. The green undertone of distance can make the Verte de terre color appear more intense, and adding more green accents in the kitchen, such as green plants and vines arrangements will bring the decor scheme together.


Eggplant has undertones of blue and red, so it’s the perfect mix of cool and warm color to dark brown, gray and black granite complement. This royal shade adds a sense of sophistication to the kitchen area and is noticeable without overwhelming the eye. The intensity of the eggplant is best reserved for accent kitchen wall colors in a larger room or in thick stripes on small kitchen walls. It makes the kitchen to look a little more open. Yellow undertones are also present in eggplant. This means that you can paint the walls, adding yellow kitchen accents, such as appliances or decorative flower arrangements is a smart choice to create one of the best kitchen wall colors. .