Ideas for kitchen work tables

The kitchen work table can make it convenient for you to work in the kitchen by providing extra desk space. It can also be made larger to accommodate guests and convert the kitchen into the dining area as well. They provide additional storage space for the commonly used cutlery. You can also add in a set of castors to the table and drag it into your living room to enjoy your favorite Tv shows or have a nice chat with your family as you chop away the veggies. There are various parameters that need to be decided before buying the table. Here is a list of the important ones that you need to lock in on:

Kitchen Work Table - 1


The kitchen work tables can be of two types: Fixed or mobile. This decision plays a role in deciding the size and location of the table. Mobile tables cannot be made too large as they need to fit through the doors while the fixed tables can be made large enough so as to accommodate a dining area for a few people along with lot of storage space.

Height and storage space

The height of the kitchen table depends on how you prefer working in the kitchen: sitting or standing. Having a little leg room becomes important if you like to work while sitting. This means that you will have to sacrifice a little storage space under the countertop for this.
The storage space can be fitted with racks and desks to accommodate cutlery or made into a wine storage unit.

Appliances on the table

The choice of appliances that you would like to use on the kitchen work table is another factor that decides size of the table. Some people like to have their stove on the table while other like it to be small and empty. Others like to have a sink on top of this table as well. All these things have to be pre-decided before finalizing on a table.

After finalizing on these parameters you need to choose from the various designs available. Do you want your table to fit perfectly into the kitchen’s theme or do you want it to give out a different contrasting tone of its own? You also need to factor in the amount of space it is going to occupy in the kitchen and check to see if that constraint on your mobility doesn’t bother you too much.