L Shaped baths – The convenient and space saving option

Bathtubs are a luxury for people having spacious bathrooms. It provides relaxation and relieves all pain and stress from the body. Bathtubs are very much in fashion and all construction tries to provide this luxury to their customer. People love to soak in the water at least few times in a month. Due to its increasing demand many different styles and shapes of bath tubs are available.

Types of Bath

 Freestanding Baths: They are the ultimate luxury that requires huge budget and large space. They are not attached to the wall of the bathroom. They can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. They are quite lavish and are available in different styles from contemporary to traditional style.

L Shaped Baths - 1

 Corner Baths: Corner baths can be placed in the corner of the bathroom. They are designed to fit in the corner to save space in the bathroom.

 Shaped shower bath: If the bathroom does not have separate shower space then one can install a shower above these baths. They are available in different shapes like L shape, P shape, Oval shape, I shape etc.

There are many other types of baths like Whirlpool baths, Walk in baths, Drop in baths, Recessed baths, Clawfoot baths etc.

Things to be considered when buying baths

• Size and position: These are the most important factors that need to be considered before buying baths. The space available in the bathroom plays a vital role in deciding the size and the position of the baths.

• Taps: The type of taps depends upon the type of baths. Some baths have tap holes for installing a mixer tap or a single tap while in other the taps will have to be installed somewhere else. Straight or freestanding baths may have tap holes in the middle or end of the baths.

• Waste, Panels and screens: Many of the baths may include waste, panel and screens. They are available in wide variety and finish.

Benefits of L shaped bathtubs

 They are available in modern designs suitable for hotels, Inns, households etc.

 It provides enough space to enjoy your shower.

 It is easy to get inside and come out from L shaped baths.

 The shower area is under showerhead, this provides more convenience to the user.

 It saves space without compromising on comfort.

 They are durable and cost effective.

 L shaped bath tubs can be fitted into any bathroom designs.

 It gives a modern feel and can complement any bathroom style.