Stylish and classic Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirror is one of the important fixtures in the bathroom. You can comb your hair, put make up, shave, wash your hair using your bathroom mirror .Bathroom mirrors come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Without a mirror the bathroom looks incomplete. Some people may prefer full length mirror while some may need a smaller one. It depends upon the individual needs and choices while selecting a bathroom mirror.

Large Bathroom Mirror - 1

Tips to select the right mirror

1. Measure the bathroom vanity. The bathroom mirror matches vanity in the bathroom. Also check the space for the mirror and buy accordingly.
2. Select the mirror frame as per the design of the bathroom vanity. It should also match the home décor to make the bathroom look modern and attractive.
3. The space between the vanity and the edge off the mirror should be about 2 – 4 inches. Frames should be selected as per the convenience of the user.
4. It should not have any sharp edges and should be kids friendly.
5. Considering the purpose of the mirror, the size, frame, shape and design should be selected.
6. A big mirror gives a unique look to the bathroom. Consider putting big mirrors in your bathroom to give them a classy look.
7. Consider your budget while selecting the mirror for your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors come in different price range. According to the budget and need one should select the most appropriate one for their bathroom.

Large Bathroom Mirror - 5

Importance of big mirrors in the bathroom

 Lighting effect: If the size of the bathroom is small then a large mirror will reflect good lighting in the bathroom.
 Installation: Large mirrors can be placed on the walls or behind the shower.
 Good Reflection: In large bathroom mirrors you can see the whole body.
 Attractive and style: Big mirrors look good and give a stylish look to the bathroom.

There are different types of bathroom mirrors available in the market

• LED Mirrors
• Flurocent Backlit Mirrors
• Infinity Mirrors
• Sahving socket mirrors
• Vanity bathroom mirrors
• Mirror cabinets

The bathroom mirror should be selected smartly and cleverly. It is not as easy as it seems as there are so many options available in the market. Keeping in mind the space, décor, budget and purpose one should decide on the best mirror for their bathroom.