Large Kitchen Island adds Style to your Kitchen

Large Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is the best thing that you can add to your kitchen. However creating the space for installing a kitchen island may not be feasible for homes with smaller kitchens. However, if you have been blessed with a big house with a spacious kitchen then nothing should stop you from having a large kitchen island.

A large kitchen island becomes the center piece of any kitchen. It is this piece of furniture where the whole family gathers to spend some time with each other. And if your kitchen island is large you can make it as functional as you like by adding sinks, cooking range and cabinets underneath to create more storage and extract more use out of it. Following are some ideas that you can use for your large kitchen island.

Large Kitchen Island - 1

Use it as a dining area/breakfast bar

While you can leave some of the kitchen island space as a prep area the rest of it can also be used as a place where family can sit around for an informal meal. This works out very well if you are someone who likes to entertain a lot and be around people even while they are eating and you are working in the kitchen.

Install a sink in the middle

If you have that space, why not install a sink right on the large kitchen island. After all you will be using your kitchen island as a place where you can do all your chopping n cutting, so why not have a sink right next to you so that you don’t have to go back n forth from your island to your sink. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler with such an arrangement?

Add a cook top


You may already have a cook top but why not add another one at the large kitchen island where you can warm up food, or grill some chicken and hand it out to your family or friends sitting right at the island. So you have your prep area, your sink and now your cook top as well right in the heart of the kitchen. What more could you ask for?

Drawers, dustbins and dishwashers

Don’t let all that space under the large kitchen island go to waste. Use it efficiently to install some drawers or cabinets to store a few utensils and tools. You can also have a dustbin and a dishwasher installed under the island. Use the drawers to store extra kitchen textiles such as table cloths and napkins and even extra cutlery.