Bathroom Amenities – Modern Approach

Gone are the days when bathrooms were dull and people used to hurriedly finish their daily routine. Today, people relax and spend a lot of time in bathrooms. This has resulted in creating new and costly amenities in the bathroom. Like the dress code of a person is judged through his shoes, the quality of a house is measured by the amenities in the bathroom. Modern day bathrooms are spacious, clean and comfortable similar to a bedroom.

Modern Bathroom Ideas - 1


The most common bathroom amenities are shower, sink, taps, mirror, toilet seat, bathtub, shower door, cabinets, and floor and side wall tiles. The bathtub is generally free standing, has different shapes such as oval or square and comes in different colors to match or contrast with those of wall and floor. The shower head is basically of two types – hand held and rainy. The rainy showerhead is either rectangular or circular in shape. The flow of both hot and cold water for the showerhead is controlled by the levers mounted in convenient places on the wall. The modern day shower door is made of glass which gives a feeling of openness in the bathroom. The door protects spillage of water in other areas of the bathroom. Free standing sinks are preferred now days with attractive taps which provide sufficient pressure of water to the user.

Modern Bathroom Ideas - 3

The floor and side walls are usually tiled. The tiles are made of different materials such as porcelain, ceramic, stone and mosaic. These tiles come in attractive colors such as beige and green, and are typically rectangular in shape. Like wardrobes are essential part of a bedroom, cabinets are the same for a bathroom. Important accessories such as shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving set and so on are stored in the cabinets. The cabinets can be mounted on walls as well as located on the floor. Special cabinets are there to store linen and medicine separately. Black, brown and white are commonly used colors for these cabinets. Bathroom activities like shaving and flossing require good lighting for the bathroom. The lamps and mirror are to be placed such that these activities are performed without any discomfort.

Modern bathrooms are like private heavens.