Designing a Special Kitchen Using Professional Moores Kitchens

As a furniture manufacturing company originally, with decades of experience, Moores kitchens feature special and professional craftsmanship and expert guidance, as UK’s leading brand. Moores kitchens deliver all aspects of kitchen design to customers successfully including quality materials use, timely and professional delivery, exceptional design according to contemporary standards and expert customer service and high performance.

Moores kitchens targets several sectors in the market today including builders, retailers and distributors, social housing and homeowners. For the homeowners, Moores kitchens has three different ranges of kitchen designs, including typical and contemporary designs.

Moores kitchens usually keeps their designs sleek, simple and practical using white and wood shades extensively. The judicious use of a single bold color is often featured, according to the demands of the design theme. Specifically, Moores kitchens for the homeowner come in three styles namely Moores Four Seasons kitchens, Moores Excel Rigid Kitchens and Moores Xpress kitchens.

Four Seasons, Excel Rigid and Xpress Kitchens by Moores kitchens

Moores Xpress kitchens are easy to install and economical. This range of kitchens by Moores is stylish and high quality. It is ideal for the homeowners who are interested in quick setup of their kitchens, with an easy to do unpacking and installation. However, color range is just limited to just two colors, which they call “Alton” and “Devon”.

For homeowners looking for more comprehensive catalogue at Moores kitchens, the Xcel range would suit their specifications, with twelve different styles. Similar to their Xpress Kitchen range, Moores attaches a five year guarantee to their Xcel kitchen range as well. The range of kitchen styles features rigid cabinets, which are ready to install. With cabinet and backsplash designs mostly in white and shades of woody brown, the kitchens are capable of blending with almost any home décor, without overwhelming it.

Moores kitchens offers an even wider range of choices in terms of design with its Four Seasons range of kitchens. Kitchens assembled using the Four Seasons line feature several different sleek backsplash, workspace and wall décor combinations driven by color, wall paper and tile blends.

Several modern style kitchens are available by Moores kitchens, mostly dominated by shades of white and gray, incorporating practical workspaces and seating arrangements. Moores kitchens are designed as spacious workspaces, with design following professional features, that would blend well with almost any other home décor chosen to accentuate the kitchen area further on.