An outdoor bbq kitchen is an additional thing that will add beauty and uniqueness to your house. Outdoor kitchen are popular since many decades and are still getting popular day by day. An outdoor kitchen gives you an opportunity to cook outside and allows you eat and entertain yourself while being at your home. A well designed outside bbq kitchen will surely add versatility and value to your house.

An outdoor bbq kitchen can be a simple one with some tables, chairs and a grill. You can design it as your inner kitchen, if you want to. According to me a simple and straight outdoor kitchen will be a nice and decent choice as it will be different from the inner one and unique as well. Designing an outdoor bbq kitchen is not any easy task. It requires effort, skill, hard work, creativity and money. I will tell you the basic steps of adding an outdoor kitchen to your house.


First of all you need to decide a place where you are going to create an outdoor kitchen. Several factors play an important role in determining the perfect place for a kitchen. For example, you must make sure that the smoke of the grill shouldn’t waft back into the house, shouldn’t be at a longer distance etc.

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Choose a perfect grounding material. A flooring material used inside the house can also be used. You can use a different flooring style and design if you want to.


Size of kitchen should be in accordance with the size of appliances being used it the outdoor kitchen in order to maintain that feel and value of the kitchen.

Make some storage:

You should create some storage space as well to store the basic grilling appliances and other useful items. The storage must be waterproof and it should be able to survive in different climatic conditions.

Bring Comfort:

The primary purpose of an outside bbq kitchen is to sit back, relax and enjoy. If your kitchen is not comfortable, it is of no use. Add comfort by placing comfortable chairs and sitting accessories. You can add different things using your own imagination.

Different things can be added to increase the value and look of an outdoor bbq kitchen. Think and do.