Five of the best outdoor kitchen designs out there

A fast trend in modern contemporary houses, outdoor kitchens have become quite the style to embrace. This has created fast expansions in that area of interior design. So if this is your type of style there are variety of open styles for you out there.

The Brisbane Samford Kitchen

Half in half out this is just perfect for those with a taste for uniqueness. It features top notch appliances made from pure stainless steel and stone bench tops. This is defiantly an outdoor design to die for. It has been incorporated into various designs to bring out that extra element of refinement and class.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas - 1

The lorrianne vale outdoor kitchen

This is a get more for less type of design. It features simplicity at its finest without going overboard as to be a financial burden. Its architectural features are top notch and simply class redefined. Its composed of crown moldings, blue celling among other arty features. This is definitely the best outdoor kitchen to have at a budget.

The barbeque Kitchen

Best for summer and spring, it’s a modern low budget outdoor kitchen design it features variety of features such as couches instead of dinning sets and a grill just to bring out the barbeque theme to the kitchen. It’s quite the best alternative kitchen to have as it can be packed and moved if the weather is not favorable.

Fabio Galasso Brazil Kitchen

Packed with colors and just the best playful theme that has ever existed in the kitchen world, this is definitely the best design for those with younger children. It creates a warm atmosphere that features a playful outdoor inviting kitchen. So if you’re not so serious or stuck up this is definitely a top design for you.

The patio kitchen

This is defiantly a top trend for you back yard. It features an interior kitchen but placed on the outside quite simple and glassy. For lovers of simplicity this is definitely the best design for you.


There so many designs out there for you all you have to do is find the right one for your house.