Outdoor Kitchen proves to be a big brother

When it comes to party, house becomes a real mess. Especially with the smoke, rot food odor, things kept astray. It would be god’s blessing if we can have Outdoor Kitchen. No more messing with the area where we conduct our day to day activities.

Having outdoor kitchen island is not only necessary for those families which have big families or organize parties almost every weekends but its most highly feasible. This kitchen can consist of more appliances and gadgets then what our house kitchen might not consists. A BBQ grilling, warming drawers, side-burners, griddles, pull out trash drawers and more.

Outdoor Kitchen Islands - 2

Types and appliances used of Outdoor Kitchen Islands

1) Multiple shapes:

With the help of some creativity and assistance of professional designer you can create your own such kitchen. It could L shaped, U shaped or curved as per your requirement. The most important part is what all sorts of appliances you plan to put up there.

2) Install Grill, side-burner and griddle:

The most popular idea is to have grill food while planning of have family dinner or party in open space. Therefore it is highly recommended to consider having grill with ventilators or grill hood. This will channelize the smoke and would also protect you food from untimely rain. Side burner or griddle will help to keep the food warm and fresh.

3) Refrigerator, sink:

Consider having outdoor refrigerators when house machine is full or when the distance from backyard to inside refrigerator is a lot. It comes in a lot many options essentially decisions needs to be taken is about the size. Whether you want a large size or small size refrigerator. Also it is highly recommended to have a separate sink. This will save further visits inside the house.

Advantages / Uses:

1) Parties:

It most convenient to conduct parties, thereby saving our house of all the mess.

2) Entertainment:

Enough room or space to every invitee

3) Fresh air:

No messy smoke filled houses.

4) Saves mess in our house kitchen:

Our kitchen is most calculated and planned places. During such high usage time, every item is lost. This outdoor kitchen will prove to be boon during such time.


1) High natural wear and tear:

Due to its exposure to outside climate and nature, its wear and tear is very high.

2) Risk to electrical lines:

Electrical lines install in outdoor kitchen can be risky during rain.

3) High rate of line breakage:

Any water or electrical lines leased from inside the house has a high density of breakage because of its exposure to humans as well as insects or pets in our house