Outdoor Island – A new way for easy and comfortable cooking

When selecting the outdoor kitchen designs one need to consider the climate, budget, appliance, dining space, island etc. These outdoor kitchens can be customized according to style, design, space and budget. The designers can create a budget friendly outdoor kitchen with ease.

Outdoor kitchen are of two types

 Prefabricated outdoor kitchen
 Modular outdoor kitchen

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Prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits include

o Compact refrigerators
o Stainless steel cabinets
o Custom countertops
o Dining space

There are numbers of kits available for selection. They are very budget friendly and include all the basic necessities that are required for a perfect outdoor kitchen. They are ready kits which are directly delivered by the dealer at the door step. Customer designed outdoor kitchen can be constructed according to the user’s choice. One can make the best use of the space using the customer outdoor kits.

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Things to be considered when constructing an outdoor kitchen

• One should consult an experienced plumber, electrician and other related technicians.
• One should identify the location of appliances like grill, ovens, refrigerators, sink etc.
• Make a priority list and exclude the items that are not needed.
• The outdoor kitchen should have easy access to the utilities.
• Proper ventilation should be ensured.
• The walls and ceilings should not have any leakages and should be properly tiled
• Lighting should also be considered and the appliances should be positioned accordingly.
• For countertops materials like round stone, granite, concrete etc.

Benefits of outdoor kitchen

Increase Resale value:

Outdoor kitchen increases the value of the house. Many buyers like the concept of outdoor kitchen. They especially look out for houses with outdoor kitchens. They are also considered as a symbol of elegance and style. The house also appears big when the kitchen is out of the house.

Easy Cooking:

Outdoor kitchen ensures flexibility and comfort. They provide an adventurous way to cook and make cooking more interesting and enjoyable task. It also helps to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Cleaning outdoor is much easier than the inner part of the house.

Larger spaces:

Due to larger spaces outside, party and social gathering is not a big thing. It can be easily handled. Guests too will have more space to move around.