Paint your kitchen to make it livelier

Painting can provide your kitchen a new life, with so many cabinets and drawers only a small amount of space is available to paint. But it is very important to paint these walls with a proper color as it enhances the beauty of these cabinets and drawers and give the kitchen a new life. The heat coming out of the stove harms the paint, so the paint should be good enough to resist heat. The renovation in kitchen doesn’t cost much and can be done easily. Even a simple white color can make the kitchen livelier. But not everyone wants to paint their kitchen white, so which one is most suited color for their kitchen, that’s the question that always arises. Follow the given steps to choose the best color for your kitchen.

Paint Colors For Kitchen - 1

Test the samples:

First thing you need to do is test the various paint samples to find out which shade looks decent on the wall. Take advice from all family members to choose the best sample.

Compare the color with furniture and utensils.

The color should be matched with the furniture and appliances as a good combination of colors between furniture and walls can further enhance the paint color.

Light should be considered:

Light enters in the kitchen should also be considered, it will affect the way kitchen will look during different intervals of day. Depending on the light, the kitchen may look different during day and night time.

Paint Colors For Kitchen - 2

Importance of floor color:

The color of floor should be kept in mind, the paint color should not only suit the furniture but also the floor color. Same color of both floor and wall will look very odd.

More than one color:

Depending upon the requirement, different walls can be painted with different colors. For example- With gray cabinets, red color looks good and with dark furniture, yellow color looks more decent.


People usually forget about the ceiling when it comes to painting. Instead of painting it white, the ceiling can be painted cream or any other light color.