Painting kitchen cabinets

A refashioning or a transformation doesn’t compulsorily mean restoring or reinstating those bleak and murky cabinets of the kitchen. You can just clean them up and paint it new- and in a period of a week, your kitchen will become from tedious and boring to sunny and refreshing.

Painting the cave-like kitchens

Your cavern-like kitchen feels and looks like that because of the dark colored cabinets. The dark colors suck all the light out of the room. Although that does not mean that you need to replace those bleak and dim boxes with the new cabinets. For the reason that the doors and frames are structurally okay, you can just clean them up and paint on some new paint- and in a week itself you can change that kitchen from bleak to pleasant.

Paint For Kitchen Cabinets - 1

Requirements for painting

To paint your cabinets all new, you will require the following items:
• Some strong cleaner
• A paintbrush
• Sandpaper
• A little elbow grease
You don’t need to spend a lot of money for this process. The makeover will cost you just a chunk of even the low-cost new cabinets. There is no doubt that it is going to make your kitchen look all-new and refreshing!


Painting the kitchen cabinets is just similar as painting anything else. It is a very simple task. Although comprehending the splendid and excellent glazed and icy finish is all about the preparation work. Before you actually start painting, you need to make sure to make the surface prepared to take on the paint which means, accordingly cleaning, rubbing with the sand paper, and applying primer on every inch of the covering. Else, the finish color will not stick perfectly.

Cleaning the surface

Cleaning the surface is the most important step in this course. Lifetime of oily fingerprints and baking and frying drenches can leave a layer of dust and filth which inhibits the adhesion of the paint. You can abolish most of the crud and gook with TSP substitute or a degreaser. Once you are done with this, you need to roughen up the surface with a sandpaper to help the paint to stick.