Paint my kitchen red

Kitchen is the most important enclave of our home. It is one of the highly frequented places inside our house. And especially ladies spend enormous amount of time working in kitchen. Therefore giving it a new look and design time to time keeps the enthusiasm fresh while working. Some ideas people use while designing kitchen is by attaching cabinets, fixing up tiles or establishing big non movable gadgets such as gas stove and oven or dish washer or humongous refrigerator.


However, if the kitchen is kept modular and is regularly painted, it leads to many advantages.

1) Kitchen and food stuff are protect ted of insects and diseases. This is a very important aspect while painting kitchen. Roaches, wood mites, termites stay way for a while till the chemical in the paints starts fading.
2) It gives a refreshing feeling every time we enter in kitchen.
3) We can use multiple color combination every time we set out for paint jobs.
4) Environmentally safe paints also assist us to protect our environment we live in.

Things to be considered before painting

1) Budget:

There are many types of paints that can be used based on our cut out budget. Water based paint, Oil based paints.

Paint Ideas For Kitchen - 2

2) Types of paints:

Above paints can come handy based on our paint choice. Water based paints are useful for

easy clean up with water, its dry quickly, it is elastic therefore resistance while cracking, Low VOCs. Oil based paint provide advantages on attractive gloves, durable finish, hard and it levels good.

3) Size of kitchen:

If the size of kitchen is big then using paints is the best option. Since applying paint would give interesting look to dull wall it will also cover up for open spaces.

Tips for painting:

1) Avoid lap marks:

Use the Roll till complete height of the wall in order to remove any lap marks while painting.

2) Consistent Mix color:

Mix large quantity of color to avoid any patches of segregated color

3) Strong Bond:

Clean and dry dirty surfaces of the wall so as to form strong bond.