Painting your kitchen cabinets the simple way

If you are remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, then one of the major tasks up your sleeve right now would be painting the kitchen cabinets. It can be quite the headache for some people, since it is not that easy a task. However, it isn’t that complex as well- and following some simple steps such as the ones mentioned ahead may just be what you need to do in order to perfectly pain your kitchen cabinets and give them the fantastic look that you’ve always wanted.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - 1

Step 1: Remove the doors and hardware

Start by removing the cabinet doors as well as drawers, and then removing the pulls, latches and other hardware from them. Remember to place the small parts in a plastic bag where you do not lose them. Also, number each door as well as its location so that you know where to install each one when you are done with the painting.

Step 2: Clean the surfaces before painting them

Grease, food platters and steam are all common in a kitchen, and cleaning a surface before painting it is what would help you get a better coat on it. Do not soak the cabinets in clean water, but only rinse them, and clean using a solution consisting of four parts water and one part tri-sodium phosphate.

Step 3: Sanding the surfaces which are to be painted

Lightly sand all sides and faces of the door, and use a wood sanding black to do is in order to avoid any rounding over the edges of the wood. There is no need to sand the insides if you are only repainting to give a facelift to the cabinets. Also, if the old paint is well adhered, then there is no need to remove it prior to sanding- just roughen the surface to provide a firm base to the new paint for adhesion.

Step 4: Apply the prime sealer and the paint

An even coat of primer-sealer is essential for getting a well-bonded and finished coat. Once you have done that, it is time to start applying the paint. Begin with the inside edges and the face-frames’ openings, moving on to the outer cabinets and then the face frame fronts in the end. Painting in this pattern helps you to work quickly in the areas which are less important, and also lets you get a better coat in the most visible areas.
A guide such as this is but the most basic way to paint your kitchen cabinets and ensure that you get the finest possible coat with the best looks!