Refinishing bathtub is a process of a refreshing or redesigning a damaged or old bathtub to give it a new and a refreshing look. The process is also known as bathtub deglazing, bathtub re-enameling and bathtub resurfacing. Mostly it is done to repair the damaged areas. There are many ways by which you can get this job done.

Calling the professionals:

The simplest task is to call the professionals and let them do it their way. It will cost you a bit more but will give you the peace of mind and satisfaction. They will come with all the tools necessary and will get the job done for you. There are many bathroom services companies in every area. You can easily check them on the internet or in the market.

Refinishing Bathtubs - 1

Refinishing Bathtubs

Doing it yourself:

If you want to refinish the bathtub at your own, it is not a difficult task. All you need is to stay confident and make sure that what you are doing is correct. I will tell you the whole process briefly. So let’s start with the tools and materials.

Tools and materials:

You will need a paintbrush, a paint roller, sandpaper of different grits, abrasive pas. The materials that you need include a caulk, epoxy and abrasive cleaner.


After collecting the materials and the tools, the next task is to prepare the tub. For this purpose you need to clean the tub with cleaner and make sure that it is totally clean. You must wash the tub with abrasive cleanser. The next task is to sand the tub with wet sandpaper. Sand is of supreme importance as it will remove all sort of gloss or grime and secondly it will give a good adhesion for coating.


The next task is to add the paint. For this purpose mix the epoxy and paint with brush and roller. While brushing you must brush in one direction only, brush at least two times and feather the edges to get a smooth and soft look.


After painting, the last task is to caulk around the tub. You must caulk the corners and area between wall and tub. You can use alcohol for cleaning purpose while caulking.

See how simple this process is. You must make sure that you do it correctly. It is not difficult I guess. But still, if you feel it is difficult, you must call the service.