The easy and affordable way to a new kitchen

Is your kitchen looking old and worn out? Is it in need of some quick refurbishing? Are you worried about the costs of remodeling it?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, then worry no more. We have a quick, easy and affordable solution to making your kitchen look new and fabulous. Remodeling the entire kitchen will be a tedious and expensive affair whereas merely changing your kitchen cabinet doors, is a way simpler option to get almost the same result.

There are a variety of kitchen cabinets available in the market. It really depends on you whether you want to go in for prefabricated cabinets or custom made cabinets. Custom made cabinets will obviously be built to your specifications, however requiring a lot of time and attention from your side. But if you don’t have that kind of time to invest then prefabricated cabinet doors is the way to go. There are plenty good designs available in a lot of different textures and materials, like wood, veneer or laminate so that you can easily choose the one that suits the rest of your kitchen décor.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors - 1

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Let us discuss some of the different varieties available.

Flat panel cabinet door

These doors have a flat center panel and a raised frame and they work equally well with a traditional or a contemporary look.

Raised panel cabinet door

Here the central panel is raised and is surrounded by a profile or contour creating a look more suited for traditional and transitional designs.

Slab cabinet doors

These cabinet doors are basically a flat slab of wood with no contours, panels or accents and therefore best suited for a very modern and contemporary look.

Accent cabinet doors

Accent cabinets are basically decorative doors and not as functional as its counterparts. Most often they cannot be used for all cabinets but only on a select few to spruce up the kitchen décor. They can be made as glass doors, mullion doors, and louver doors, doors with aluminum frames or leaded glass doors. Accent cabinet doors if used correctly can blend in with any design.

It is very important that the cabinet boxes match the cabinet doors. So you might have to repaint or reface the cabinet boxes to get a streamlined consistent look. Once done you’ll have an almost brand new kitchen at a very reasonable price!