Replacing your Kitchen Doors and Drawers Fronts for Good

Your kitchen doors and drawer fronts are very important factors in your kitchens design. Not only they are the most visible ones, many a times they can also be the most expensive. From contemporary designs to simpler ones, there a perfect match for everyone. Take a look at some the designs and tips that can make replacement of kitchen doors and drawer fronts a complete breeze.

First let as have a look at replacing kitchen doors.

Replacement Kitchen Doors And Drawer Fronts - 1

Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors are generally available in three types, recessed panel, raised panels, and slab door. The only major difference in all of them is the central panel. Raised panel is ideal for people who want a more comfortable design, whereas a recessed panel is for people that want a more contemporary design. Slab door on the other hand is without any panel or profile. It is a simple slab of wood.

Kitchen doors made up of glass are also finding many takers, especially people that have smaller kitchens, as it makes the space look bigger.

Before replacing kitchen door, keep the following questions in mind:

• What is the main theme of your kitchen?
• What is the door style on other pieces of furniture in the kitchen?
• What can you further add to the kitchen door to enhance its appearance?

door with a new one.

Time for the drawer fronts now.

Drawer Fronts

When it comes to choosing a drawer front for the kitchen, there are many different types of drawer fronts available in the market.

Types of Drawer Fronts

Slab: Slab-type drawer front is the simplest of them all and comes with any fancy decorations. It is a simple piece of wood that can have a variety of cuts around the edges.

Raised Panel: Like kitchen doors, drawer fronts also come in raised panel design. It has an additional piece of wood in the middle of the wood which makes it stand out from the other drawer fronts. It can also have a variety of cuts around its edges.

Recessed Panel: It is simply opposite of a raised panel, with an outer frame and a thinner panel in the center.

Shaker: It is a simple type of drawer front with clean, creative lines. They are available in a variety of designs, including beading and squared edges. No matter what edge you choose, shaker drawer front will always have some sort of decorative carving.

Keep the above mentioned ideas in mind of you are planning to replace your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, and ensure that you create something creative and unique out of it.