Checklist for Restaurants kitchen equipment’s

A restaurant may require different kitchen equipment’s. Different restaurants require different kitchen equipment’s. The restaurants have the option to purchase this kitchen equipment either new or refurbished.
Some of the Kitchen equipment’s required by the restaurants

o Oven
o Grill
o Deep fryer
o Freezer
o Knives
o Variety of Plates
o Fire extinguisher
o Variety of bowls

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment - 1

Some of the important kitchen equipment’s for a restaurant are
 Washing equipment: Dish washing, hand washing, fabric/ clothes washing machine are required by all hospitality industry. Hospitals, restaurants etc. all require these equipment’s.

 Refrigerators: Refrigerators are the basic requirements of all restaurants. It is required for storing food, drinks and other items. Ice machines are also needed by restaurants to make ready ice easily and quickly.

 Grills: Grills and freezers are also important equipment’s in a restaurant. There are different sizes and types of freezers available. Gas grills are the basic requirement of any restaurant. A restaurant cannot do without these two kitchen equipment’s.

 Safety equipment’s: Safety equipment like fire extinguisher and first aid is a standard requirement at all work place. Kitchen is a dangerous place and these are a must at such places to ensure ones safety.

To choose between new and refurbished kitchen equipment’s the restaurants needs to check various things. It is entirely the choice of the restaurant whether to buy new equipment or refurbished ones. Both have their own pros and cons. New kitchen equipment’s are always advisable and better as they will come with a warranty and guarantee. Their life span and durability will be higher than that of the refurbished one. Although there is one time costs involve but it can be recovered over the years. When you buy refurbished equipment many things needs to be considered like the dealer from where you purchase it, existing warranty, any repairs done, brand etc. Used kitchen equipment’s are cheaper and cost effective. One can get a

good brand at a lower price. If one is buying from a trusted dealer then refurbished kitchen equipment’s can be proved to be useful and inexpensive.