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The Company
The company Roca has come a long way from the days it began as producers of cast iron radiators for home heating, to entering the bathroom business in 1929, and then achieving leadership in the bathroom sector in 2006. Today Roca has created its niche in the bathroom business globally, such that its network spreads over 135 countries and its name is the first that comes to mind for total bathroom solutions.

Roca Bathrooms

Roca is renowned world over for its innovative bathroom designs. Roca is truly the one stop shop for all things bathroom. Right from basins to faucets and from bathroom furniture to toilets. You name it, they have it. Here we will specifically discuss Roca toilets.

Roca Toilets - 1


Needless to say the toilet is an integral part of any bathroom. Apart from being an efficiently running unit, it has to be aesthetically appealing too. Roca toilets are masters in providing the most sophisticated technology toilets with the most beautiful designs.

Types of toilets

Roca manufactures toilets to suit all kinds of different needs and as such has a wide variety of toilets.

• Close coupled toilets

• Wall hung toilets

• In tank toilets

• Single floor standing toilets

• One piece toilets

They also provide a wide variety in

• Toilet cisterns

• Toilet seats and covers

As Roca is spread worldwide it has taken care to design its toilets based on the different requirements, making it easier for people to select a toilet which appeals to them the most.

Environment care

Roca takes its designs a step further by adding what they refer to as ‘Eco Friendly Technologies’ to all their products. They are committed to protecting the environment by saving water and energy. And with this in mind they have specially designed their toilets such that it allows reusing the water of the wash basin by sending it to the cistern after a filtering process. This allows the water to be of double use.


Roca toilets are known for their competitive pricing. Since they have a wide variety of toilets, there is a wide range in the pricing as well. Starting from the very simple affordable toilets to the expensive luxurious state of the art toilets.


Roca being the world leaders in bathrooms, have won a number of awards. Beginning from the prestigious Red Dot Design awards in 2009 to the latest Best Innovation In Functionality award in 2015.