Reimagine your bathroom with rustic vanities.

Do you want to give your bathroom an organic and refreshing look? Then going rustic is just the right thing for you. Rustic interior design is a very close to nature and organic way of designing your home. Rustic interiors exude pleasantness and make your home feel much more cozy and soothing. So why only limit rustic design to your living room and you bedroom? Why not carry it forward to you bathroom as well and give it a touch of nature? Rustic bathroom vanities do just that.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities - 1

Why you should go rustic

Going rustic gives your home a vibe of eco friendliness as the concept of rustic design is heavily inspired by nature itself. Rustic design is a great way of improving the quality of your life by bringing nature much closer to you and making you feel much more comfortable at home and bringing this design in your bathroom is a key step. Rustic vanities give your bathroom an aura of health and wellness and this is an awesome way of improving your standard of living.

Be up to date with the latest fashion

With the increasing trend of making aesthetically pleasing bathrooms, rustic style of design is at the center of fashion. Going organic and natural is today’s fashion. By giving your bathroom a rustic vanity you can transform it and keep up with the latest fashion. A bathroom should always be pleasing and fashionable because it’s the place where you kick start your day and making it good looking can greatly affect your mood for the day.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities - 2

Types of wood that can be used

Rustic design is all about nature and the closest building material to nature is wood. Choosing the right kind of wood is an essential step as it will decide the overall look of the vanity and you bathroom. Choosing the right kind of wood can make your home feel like a cozy and beautiful log cabin. Aspen, oak, pine, western red cedar and northern white cedar work really well with rustic design and look very pleasing to the eye.