Shaker Kitchens for a High Utility and Low Maintenance Workspace

Shaker kitchens belong to a sector of kitchen design that has survived the wave of design trends for ages, and still comes out popular and trendy. Shaker kitchens focus on utility and in incorporating a kitchen workspace that is simple and well-designed for maximum practicality.

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Shaker kitchens make use of several different materials and design, but their primary focus is always on defining a functional work area. Designs of shaker kitchens usually rely on white or pastel shades and the quality of material used dominates design priorities. Due to these reasons, shaker kitchens can be designed in traditional as well as modern settings.

Since their inception in the seventeenth century, by way of a religious movement, shaker kitchens avoid use of lavish style and tend to concentrate on pastel shades or simple white in simple finishes for cabinetry. Shaker kitchens invest in the best quality of wood such as maple, oak or cherry, but keep the finished design restricted to simplistic design features like flat panel doors or simple rail frames. The finishing is usually done with light or tinting of the wood surface. White and light colors are absolutely important to shaker kitchens to impart that overall well ventilated look.

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While designing a shaker kitchen, designers might impose modern colors and patterns on top of the basic principles of shaker kitchen design, so as to create a design personality that might be either pronounced or subdued. When shaker kitchens were traditionally restricted to white and pastel shades, modern designers have stepped the threshold to come up with new and fresh designs that blend the best of both worlds. In other words, they incorporate the high quality material and layout while also experimenting with innumerable colors, innovative patterns and appealing kitchen d├ęcor.

Dressing up the shaker kitchen has assumed more freedom than it used to in the past days. However, the focus on high quality and low maintenance is never compromised in any shaker kitchen design. Besides the core ideology of the shaker kitchen movement, home owners are left with maximum creativity to balance their theme with the kitchen layout.

Shaker kitchens score well over the other innumerable design options basically due to their high utility and minimalistic design. This makes the installation and maintenance very easy. Besides, due to the high quality materials chosen during the design process, shaker kitchens tend to be more durable and require little or no maintenance during the long run.