Designing a shower room is so much fun and enjoyment. It is not a difficult task if you are creative enough. It needs some creativity and hard work. Above all, you need to be fully aware of what you really want and plan all the things in the advance. It shouldn’t be happening like this that you are making decision in the middle of nowhere. It will not only waste few dollars but will mar the overall look.

The few things that you need to do in advance include deciding a budget and having an idea of the design. The design of the shower room should be according to the theme of the house. Let me tell you a few of the designs that may attract you.

Shower Room Design - 1

Traditional designs:

All of you must be aware of the traditional design shower rooms. You need to do few extra things and it will go best. Of course you can’t go for the whole traditional look. It will look unique and interesting. It will also attract your guests and they will appreciate it.

A natural design:

A natural design includes a natural theme and few plants and flowers. You must design a shower near your garden or lawn and make sure that there are few plants and flowers that are surrounding the shower room. It will give a nice and a decent look.


A fancy look:

You can also go for a fancy look. Use the pink or similar colors in the designing. Make use of pink led lights and similar fancy things. It will give a nice look. It will be loved by kids and girls.

This was about the overall look and appearance. The next thing is the functionality and what’s inside it.


Shower is the basic thing in any shower room. The question arises how many showers and in which design. You must choose the design accordingly and having multiple showers makes it look interesting.


The choice of storage is totally yours. If you think that you should have some storage in the shower room, you must go for it. The designing should be according to the design of the room.


There are so many flooring options. You must choose a stylish and durable flooring option. It should be safe and must not absorb the water. The color and the design should be according to the overall look of the shower room.